BBC slashes 1000 employees


London: The International News Broadcasting Company BBC has announced that it will soon cut down more than 1,000 jobs as they are falling short in its license revenue by 150 million pounds. As per the data, large number of households mentioned that they don’t watch live TV so won’t pay for a licence. BBC director general Tony Hall said that they will axe more people in future from professional and support areas, while management structures will be streamlined in the hopes to save around 50 million pounds a year, the BBC reported.

The 64-year-old director-general explained that BBC was facing difficult choices because of the tough financial climate for seven years as more than one million fewer people had a television set than was predicted in 2011. Hall shared that this was a tough message, but they had to do it to make savings, adding that they would possibly merge divisions too by bringing teams in BBC and BBC Worldwide together.

Also, BBC has decided to cut out management layers by reducing management levels from up to 10 in places to seven, reduce management roles by bringing down the number of senior positions and simplifying the procedures in professional areas including legal, marketing and finance.