Battle of Haji Pir Pass-Army’s Glory In 1965


Srinagar: In 1965, When Pakistan’s Army started helping the infiltrators, Indian Army responded more than adequately. Infiltrators were facing heavy casualties due to the strike from the Indian Army. Indians sealed all the possible gateways of infiltration. Army didn’t miss a single chance take the terrorist directly in front of their guns cause they haven’t left a single place unguarded or any loopholes. Then came the battle of Haji Pir Pass.

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Indian Army killed many Pakistani infiltrators but it was found that some of them were Pakistani soldiers. Some soldiers were captured alive and interrogated. Ranks of the Pakistani soldiers identified themselves as the soldiers serving in Baloch Regiment, showing direct support and involvement of Pakistan Army. The soldiers were disguised as militants but caught red-handed by the Indian Army.

Haji Pir Pass was serving as the infiltration highway for the militants. Indian Army made its objective to capture the Haji Pir Pass anyhow.  When the 68 Brigade was pounding the enemy heavily, Brigadier Z A Bakshi received call from Major Ranjit Singh Dayal. Major Ranjit asked permission to move forward and capture more posts on the Haji Pir pass. Brigadier granted the permission the very next second, he know the strategic importance of the pass. Major Ranjit with his company(12 men) started his journey towards the vantage points of the pass.

Major Ranjit Dayal was leading a company of 1 Para Special Forces of the Indian Army, which is one of the most toughest and prestigious unit of the Indian Army. Major Ranjit Dayal kept moving even in the toughest weather, his men were completely exhausted due to previous gun fights. But they showed exceptional leadership qualities and urged the soldiers to keep moving, his men followed him. The incident indicates the respect his jawans had in their heart for Major Danyal.

By reaching the foot of the pass, Major decided to completely shock the enemy by attacking from hill side. They started climbing the hill with heavy loads on their back. By 1430 hours they had hit the Uri-Poonch road, the men took rest for some time. At 0600 hours Major Dayal and its paltan again came into heavy fire, so he decided to climb right side flank and attacked the enemy with complete surprise. The plan worked, the enemy was so surprised that they left their weapons and ran away. 1 Para SF hosted the tricolor at one of the most important strategic point in Kashmir.

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Indian Government didn’t keep the Haji Pir Pass withing India’s control. The stupidity was the conclusion of negotiations in Tashkent Agreement the following January between India and Pakistan, for some reason, we did not insist on Pakistan vacating Chhamb. As a result, even today Chhamb is with Pakistan. We don’t know what the reasons were that we gave back the Haji Pir Pass which was strategically very important. Today the entire infiltration into Kashmir takes place from that area.

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