Barrackpore Police Enacts COTPA To Make Tobacco-Free City


Barrackpore: To make a tobacco-free industrial area, COTPA has been issued in Barrackpore. The campaign has started from Friday.

But what is COTPA ?

Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products, 2003 (COTPA) act is an act which prohibits advertisement and regulation of trade and commerce, production, supply and distribution of cigarettes and other tobacco products in India.

This act was enacted by the Parliament to give effect to the resolution passed by the 39th World Health Assembly, urging the member states to implement measures to provide non-smokers protection from tobacco smoke. Barrackpore police commissionerate has enacted the act from Friday.

According to the police, smoking will be prohibited around bus-stand, market, park, school, college, hospital, bank, office and other official area and public places due to this. Selling of tobacco product to minors within 100 meter of school has been prohibited.

Initially 200 rupees penalty has been fixed for smoking in public place and administration will take related legal measure against the person.