Barcelona Kids Beats Real Madrid In Mini Clasico

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Barcelona: “Children see magic because they look for it’ the famous quote of author Christopher Moore gives the stunning image of children. The kids’ version of Barcelona against Real Madrid is as good as you can imagine.

Forget Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of their top team stars, it was the turn of their kids to do battle in the mini Clasico.

The game came in the final of the MIC 2016 tournament at the weekend – a competition which brings together some of the best teams in Europe.

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It was Barca’s Alevin A team who took part in the final to be exact, consisting of players between the age of 10 and 11. And it turned out both of Spain’s biggest teams managed to make the final game of the tournament.

Barca managed to win the match 2-0 thanks to goals from Marc Jurado and Toni Caravaca. It wasn’t just the goals which were great to watch, but the quality of Barca’s play and the ridiculous goalkeeping of the young Madrid stopper is make you awe.