Baradi Hill, A Rustic Escape From Daily City Life


Bankura: The Maoists once held sway over Jangalmahal. After their defeat Jangalmahal smiles again. Many new tourists spot came to the limelight. Many tourists came here again and again to see the natural beauty. Bankura is one of them.

বছর শেষের ছোট্ট ছুটিতে নতুন ডেস্টিনেশন ‘বড়দি পাহাড়’

Bankura has gained wide appeal as a popular tourist destination. The district can legitimately take pride in having a wide range of spots attracting tourists for a variety of reasons ranging from arts and architecture, terracotta temples, dense virgin forests, hills and the scenic spots at Mukutmonipur etc. Since ancient times, it is popularly known as Rarh area in Bengal.
Bankura district, falling under Eastern Chhotanagpur Plateau, looks like handpicked by Mother Nature and is blessed with old brown hills, murmuring rivers, ancient temples- all bearing testimony to a rich culture and tradition.

Apart from Mukutmanipur, Susunia another tourists spot of Bankura attracts tourists, the place is ‘Baradi Hill’. This unknown place will be the new destination of Bengalees in this winter. The scenic beauty of this place is superb as Kangsabati river blows beside the Hill.

Many tourists from outside are coming here now for doing picnics. And the administration took advantage of this opportunity to improve the regional economy. They have emphasized the development of beautiful cottage, school, road construction, and one infrastructure development by incorporating the ‘Eco Tourism’ in Baradi Hill.

This is a beautiful tourist place with shades of Sal, Piyal, Mahua, Palash and Shimul. This is also the homeland of the Santhal, Munda and Bhumijas. It is an ideal place to spend a short leave. The surrounding is calm and peaceful with hillocks. It becomes charming and colorful with palash and krishnachura flowers in the day time and the enchanting tune of madal played by the villagers at night. The full-moon nights are mesmerizing. From the Bungalow, steps leads to the lake where boating add more fun to the tourists.


The forest bungalow on the top of the hillock, although without electricity, attracts tourists for the serene beauty of the hills and forest. There is a Trekker’s hut 9 km inside the forest on the bank of the lake.

Anybody can reach the new destination via Bankura Jhargram road. After tourists reached Piralgari Chalk of Sarenga, they will see the Chuagara More. Here Baradi Hill situated. And there is a fountain in the adjacent areas of the river. It is known as ‘Kalajharna’.
People from here are now coming from neighboring districts or from Kolkata, Jharkhand. Due to its geographical advantage of ‘Baradi’ hill, tourists can also visit Mukutmonipur or Shushuniya hills.

Local residents Uday Mandal said that there was no infrastructure in the same way before. Only local people came to this place to see the hills, rivers and jungle villages. Many people used to picnic during the winter. Later, there was a variety of infrastructures developed in the government initiative. As a result, the outside people are also coming here. He said that there is an opportunity to earn some extra income by trading local business.