Bankura Rape Case: Jail Custody For Accused


Bankura: Koushik Mukherjee, the main accused for raping a 70 years old woman, has been sentenced jail custody till October 3 by Bankura District Court.

According to local source, the resource-less old woman was staying in a home under Indira Abasan Yojona. She lost her husband few years ago. She was involved in a Anganwadi work which was the main source of her food. Rest of the time neighbors were her support system.

The victim woman alleged that she was alone in her house on September 14. A drunk man entered her house forcefully for having some water and tortured and beaten her. The locals admitted her in Bankura Sammilani Medical College and Hospital. The hospital authority released her on September 17.

The villagers alleged, Police was not active after being informed. The main accused was roaming freely outside after filing FIR. Reportedly , Kaushik Mukherjee’sclose to his brother Bappa Mukherjee is the district president and MLA Arup Kha, so police did not arretsed him. After media intervened in the process, Police arrested him and verdicted jail custody by the district court.