Bank Employee Allegedly Hacked Bank Account


Balurghat: A woman has been allegedly cheated by a bank employee in Balurghat. A bank employee hacked 9 lac rupees from the bank account of a retired woman. Jharna Laha is a resident of Chalkbhavani area of Balurghat. The woman has given a written allegation at the branch of the concerned bank.

The retired woman calls a bank official at home to open a bank account. A person from bank delivered bank-kit containing pass book, ATM, cheque book. She received everything other than the ATM card.

After few days she went to update the passbook and noticed that 9 lac rupees is missing from her bank account. The hacker transacted from different area of Kolkata from 21st July to 29th December 2017.

Jharna Laha told that she is not able to operate ATM card, so she returned. She informed the bank immediately with the allegation of hacking her account against the bank worker.