Bangladesh PM Doesn’t Support Indo-Pak War


Dhaka: The Prime Minister Of Dhaka, Sheikh Hasina doesn’t want India and Pakistan to indulge in a war. She said that the war will bring devastation even to their country.

Post the boycott of the 2016 SAARC Summit, Hasina made a comment about the bilateral relations among the SAARC countries. She wants the South Asian nations to resolve their conflicts together.

Back in 1974, Pakistan had declared Bangladesh as a ‘free state’. They might differ in opinions, but Hasina still wants to maintain diplomatic relations with Pakistan This has caused a stir among the South Asian nations. Bangladesh has reasoned the SAARC boycott as a intervention in their internal matters. Bangladesh had issued death sentences to few instigators involved in the genocide in1971 Indo-Pak war. However Pakistan doesn’t support reprimand due to what Bangladesh terms as ‘crimes against humanity’ . Hence the bilateral relations are strained.

India boycotted SAARC due to Pakistan’s repeated indulgence to terrorism. Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives followed suit. This compelled Pakistan to step back from hosting the SAARC summit.


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