‘Bangladesh Is Mini Pakistan’: Taslima Nasreen Slams Vijay Diwas

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Kolkata: Bangladesh has metamorphosed into mini Pakistan. The reason being the absence of any ideological differences between the two nations. Hence Bangladesh celebrated a nonsensical Vijay Diwas on December 16.

No we are not saying this. These are the words of acclaimed Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen. Her analogy has found place in Twitter where she went vocal about her anguish and raised a lot of questions. Her tweets were however hailed by many across the globe.

Taslima took to Facebook on December 16 where she posted a status about this issue. It said that the war took place between East and West Pakistan. The former won with the help of India. A free nation named Bangladesh was born. It was anticipated to be a secular, liberal state, markedly different from what Pakistan is. However, the scenario remains the same since the last 45 years. The poor is always bearing the brunt of the rich, previously that of Pakistanis and now of Bangladeshis. Simultaneously, the human and civil rights, freedom of speech stands violated.taslima-1

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Coming to ideologies, she said that both countries are staunch believers of Islam and hail it as the greatest religion. The nations are doing what it takes to foster lakhs of Islamic preachers. Bangladesh has failed to build itself as a secular nation. The Vijay Diwas commemoration is meaningless.twitter

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