Bangla Cricketer Suspended for Torturing Maid


Dhaka: Bangladesh cricketer Shahadat Hossain was suspended from all forms of the game after police launched an investigation as allegation surfaced accusing the cricketer and his wife of brutally torturing their 11 year old maid. Police are still searching for the 29-year-old paceman who went into hiding last week after claims he “tortured and abused” the maid who is undergoing treatment in hospital. (Shahadat Hossain Allowed to Play National League)

“The allegations against Shahadat Hossain have tarnished our image,” Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) spokesman Jalal Yunus told AFP. “We’ve therefore decided to temporarily suspend him from all sorts of cricket being organised by the BCB,” Yunus said, adding that Shahadat would only be allowed to play if cleared by the police.

He said the BCB had vocally opposed the abuse of children and women in the past, including the use of minors for labour. The suspension means Shahadat, who missed the recent series against India and South Africa after twisting his ankle in a Test match in May, cannot play in the national cricket league starting later this week.

A top performance in the league usually guarantees a place in the national team.