Bangla Bloggers Vocal On Ansarullah Bangla Team’s Kolkata Connect


Kolkata: Bangladeshi bloggers, who have been on the terror hitlist of Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), have different reactions to the arrest of four suspected terrorists, including three Bangladeshi nationals, from Kolkata station on Tuesday. All the four arrested are members of ABT — a banned terror outfit from Bangladesh.

According to TOI report UK-based Sushanta Dasgupta hadn’t expected ABT to spread its wings in Kolkata as well. “I have been on the ABT hitlist since 2015. But I didn’t have any idea that they could expand their base to India,” said the blogger who is currently visiting Bangladesh after a gap of four years. After news of the arrests spread, Dasgupta said he didn’t want to visit Kolkata. “I have tightened my security. Earlier, I used to be surrounded by two body guards. After these arrests, I have added two more.”

On the other hand, Germany-based Ananya Azad said he believed Kolkata was offering a refuge to terrorists from Bangladesh. “Kolkata is fast becoming a place where arms can be procured without having to spend much. It is a safe place to sit and plan an attack. It isn’t difficult for people to cross the borders and reach Kolkata. When terrorists can easily cross the border and even get Aadhaar cards for themselves, it only shows that there must be strong network that is protecting these terrorists,” Azad said from an undisclosed location in Germany.

He questioned the role of the Bangladeshi government in nabbing those responsible for killing bloggers. Unlike Dasgupta, he isn’t surprised with the arrests. “The authorities in Bangladesh aren’t keen on nabbing those who have killed bloggers. They are rather indifferent to this issue. All this is part of a political game. In order to prove that she is a devout Muslim, the Bangladeshi Prime Minister is encouraging the killing of people of other faiths,” Azad alleged. The blogger has visited Kolkata, but hasn’t been to Dhaka after he left for Germany following death threats.

Dasgupta said he apprehends more arrests in future while Azad said the roles of security forces on both sides of the border will come under scanner.