Balochi Language Services Of AIR Goes Digital


New Delhi: The Balochi language services of the All India Radio’s World Services went digital on Friday.

A multimedia website and mobile application has been launched in the Balochi language. Dr A Surya Prakash, Chairman, Prasar Bharati, launched All India Radio’s, External Services Division Multimedia Website and Mobile Application of the Balochi service. While speaking at the event, Prakash said: “Increased interaction is the main AIM for us to go digital.” While Fayyaz Shehryar who is the director general of All India Radio commented that the External languages programmes had been broadcast for a long time and it was only the digital outreach which was new. He said, “Territorial service is 41-year-old, Digital outreach is the new initiative.”

This new development comes just days after days after the All India Radio shocked Pakistan by announcing its plans to launch Balochi language programme. India’s diplomatic offensive against Pakistan and on the issue of human rights violations in Pakistan, all began with prime Minister Narendra Modi’s independence Day address in which he brought up the issue of Balochistan and suggested that India wouls support the Baloch freedom movement. Now Prasar Bharti will launch a website and mobile app for All India Radio’s Balochi service to reach out to the people who speak the language across the globe on Friday.

The External Services Division (ESD) of the All India Radio is run by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. The Balochi language programme is however not new, it was in fact, started in 1974-75. The External Services Division broadcasts daily over 50 multi-transmission programmes covering at least 108 countries in 27 languages.These include 15 foreign language programmes, mostly from East Asia and South Asian region. The also includes Balochi language programmes.

According to an official,”This technological up gradation will not only provide improved reception quality to the listeners in Afghanistan-Pakistan region, the original target of the service, but would also expand the reach of the service to Baloch Diaspora spread in different countries.”The moves by the various Indian agencies are important as they indicate the direction in which the Indian foreign policy is moving. Earlier, Doordarshan News had also sent a team to Geneva to interview Brahumdagh Bugti, leader of Baloch Republican Party which is calling for the independence of Balochistan from Pakistan.