‘Balika Vadhu’ Star Files FIR against Police


Mumbai: TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee of famous soap opera Balika Vadhu has filed an FIR against 8 men including three policemen. The actress claimed that they barged into her resident in Mumbai on Monday evening.

“I’m extremely upset with whatever happened last evening. If this is how policemen are going to behave, then what to do? I have filed an FIR against eight men, of whom three are policemen,” Pratyusha said.

“They entered my house, pushed my door, they were misbehaving with me and were so rude. It took me three hours to convince the police to file the FIR since police themselves were also involved in it. Today, I am going to meet the (area) DCP,” she added.

It’s all got to do with a car loan that Rahul had taken from a bank and had been irregular with payments.

Pratyusha said, “on the night of December 31, the bank had sent a recovery agent to my place for an EMI of Rs 5,000 for the month of December without even informing us. The man had come drunk and was not ready to leave even after we gave the money. So, Rahul took matters in hand and sent him out of the house.”

“Last night, they again came to my house. I told them Rahul does not live here and that’s when all this happened,” she added.

(With inputs of IANS)