Bajrang Dal Workers Join Mamata’s Party To Stop BJP


Kolkata: Top leaders of Bajrang Dal, who were presumed to be behind BJP’s Purulia success in the last Panchayat, joined the Trinamool Congress Party on Thursday.

Gaurav Singh, Suraj Sharma and other top leaders joined the ruling party. The
saffron party considers two main reasons for them shifting from the party. One,
they have joined out of fear of being jailed or two, they have joined out of greed.
However, rejecting all such claims, the TMC at district said that they were
attracted after seing the developments under the Mamata-led government.

In a video uploaded on facebook, Gaurav Singh said, “Today, many might call me a
betrayer. They are opposing my decision and posting in facebook. I wanted to
combine Hindus across Purulia district. My fight was for the creation of Ram mandir
(temple). But I became busy in making BJP’s prime minister. What crops we harvested
in Purulia, was taken home by BJP during the Panchayat. The BJP leaders never think
what Bajrang Dal workers go through in the entire district after the voting
concludes. By making tall claims in party office cannot make anyone big leaders.

In the past, Gaurav had made comments against the TMC party on facebook. He had
written that the political leaders buy cars by doing politics in the name of Ram.
Whereas, the followers of Ram are not being able to provide food two times a day to
their families. He also said that he went to jail for the Hindu families but today
there is none who could look after his family.

Another Bajrang Dal supporter Suraj Sharma accused the BJP of winning by using
their slogan Jai Shri Ram. But the BJP did not keep contacts with them after
winning. He said, “Keeping faith in Didi’s development, we have joined the TMC.”

BJP leaders both at district and state level refused to accept such allegations.
BJP national general secretary Rahul Sinha said, “That is the matter of Bajrang
Dal, so ask them. None of them were BJP workers. I will not speak on matters
relating to workers of a different party.” Purulia’s BJP youth president Debjit
Sarkar said almost the same thing.

BJP’s Purulia district president told Kolkata24x7 that, “The entire state is seeing
how and in which situation the oppositions are being made Trinamool. After losing
in Panchayat, they have put at least 1300 of our workers in jail over fake cases.
But those who are honest have the mentality to fight against any wrong. Those
people are not coming out of jail and joining the TMC party. Find out why soem are
joining. Why were they in jail for this long, why did they come out from jail

Reported By: Shekhar Dubey
Edited By: Saheli Dey