Bajrang Dal to Train 10 Lakh Volunteers for Cow Protection


New Delhi: Bajrang Dal under its parent organization RSS has embarked on a huge drive to engage 10 lakh new volunteers to boost up its cow protection drive across states.

The right-wing outfit is already re-training three lakh of what it claims as an existing 15 lakh-strong volunteer base to radically build a notion of Hindu identity around cows and mobilise dominant caste groups into the Hindutva fold.

Founded as a small force in UP in 1984, Bajrang Dal started acting as vigilante cow protectors across states in 1996. In 1996-97, it claimed to have saved 1.5 lakh cow and its progeny (cow, calf, bull and bullock). Functioning as the youth wing of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), it claims to save around one lakh such cattle from slaughterers every year.

The drive comes amid the ongoing co0ntroversy over beef ban and the so called seculars drive to fight against the ban. Cow slaughter has turned into a major game ball for political parties to precipitate their political agenda to secure votes of the minority banks.