Baishaki Does Not Want To Squabble With Ratna


Kolkata: Already Sovan-Ratna-Baisakhi love story hit in the political field of bengal where twists and turns in Indian politics can often be more riveting than best-selling thrillers. Friends turn foe in hurry, and arch-enemies embrace each other when needed. But the dramatic fallout of Sovan Chatterjee with Mamata Banerjee is so unexpected that few would have guessed it from before.

রত্নার সঙ্গে কলতলার ঝগড়ায় নারাজ বৈশাখী

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But the new twist in the story gave a such thriller where a new character named Chiku alias Avijit Ganguly entered the love triangle.

Baisakhi already has given an interview to the TV Chanel where she said clearly, that she does not want to quarrel with Ratna Chattopadhyay. According to Baishakhi, that’s not her character.

Ratna Chattopadhyay raised multiple complaints against her. Baishaki said that Ratna is mentally ill. Ratna’s allegation is baseless against Baisakhi. Baishakhi claimed that Ratna has said another in the written statement. There Sovan described as deity.

Shortly afterwards, Ratna opened his mouth against Baisakhi in the same channel. So this verbal battle turned into the squabble.