Bagri Market Was Alerted Before


Kolkata: A notice to alert about the condition of the Bargi market was sent. An FIR
was also filed based on fire tending law. But the Canning street’s Bagri market did
not take it seriously, the result of which is the major fire breakout. According to
a fire tending official, “It is our work to alert after monitoring the situation.
But despite of understanding the matter, the businessmen are risking their lives in
running the market.”

The Kolkata Police and Fire Tending department had monitored different houses of
central Kolkata and the presence of fire-extinguishers soon after the Stephen House
fire case on 23rd March 2010. The report that was submitted pointed out that most
of the houses and markets of central Kolakata are ‘dangerous.’ So they were asked
to be shut down. But it has been alleged that, despite warnings, the businessmen
did not show concern to the matter.

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The fire tending department had lodged FIRs against Sadasukh Katra, raja Katra,
City Centre-1, Bagmari market, Kolkata Pizrapol Society, Bothra Market, Gandhi
Katra, Yamuna Bhawan and Janaki centre. Two complaints were filed against Mehta
building under the fire tending law. They sent out notices to several markets like
Tamapatti, Satyanarayan Park, Jain Bhawan, Shyamshree market, Bajriya Katra, Shyam
market, Mahasree Commerce Limited, Territi market. Chandni Chowk market, BK market
(old and new), Shantiniketan building, Mansarovar building, Rajkamal and Gagantara
building, Onkar building.

The city has witnessed major fires in Nandaram market (2008), Stephen Court (2010),
New market (2011) and Canning street’s Bagmari market in 2018. In this case too,
there were no proper fire-extinguishing equipments as said by Mayor Sovan