Bagri Market Wall Collapses


Kolkata: Big cracks have emerged in the Bagri market building as a result of
intense heat due to the fire. It was presumed that the building could collapse any
moment. The fears came true when a wall inside the Bagri market collapsed.

According to the witnesses, there is gate D in front of the market. Several
substances were present inside one of the shops in the ground floor. The shop is
already damaged and gutted in the fire. The rescuers were removing burnt things
from the shop. Suddenly, the wall at the rear collapsed.

The staircase beside the wall also collapsed. Those who were inside, somehow
escaped. A part of the entire market could be seen through the collapsed portion.
The fire servicemen have again started giving water to this area. However, risk is
still there that other parts of the building might collapse like this.

The fire servicemen are trying their level best to douse the flames. The Kolkata
Police is working along with them. Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar is also at the

The fire servicemen have worked throughout the night. It was being presumed at the
wee hours of Monday that the fire is somewhat in control and will be doused within
few hours. But that did not happen.

Explosions started since morning which again turned the fire to being a major
incident once again. The fire is spreading once again due to the presence of
inflammable substances. The area is again filled with black smoke.

35 fire tenders have been pressed into service and the servicemen are trying their level best to bring the fire under control. But no matter what, the situation is still not under control.

Reported By: Debamoy Ghosh
Edited By: Saheli Dey