Bagri Market Fire: Traders Try To Save Last Goods Amid The Debris


Kolkata: Durga puja is round the corner. And it was the high time for the all the sellers across the state to earn good during this festive season. As Babri market was the trading hub for all small and big traders so sellers across the state gathered here for the latest puja collections. Throughout the year the shopkeepers yearn for this festive season- Durga puja followed with Diwali as this is the perfect time for the trade when they can earn good profits. But the unfortunate day has brought an end to their happiness. Overnight all smile turned into despair.

The Bagri market used to decked up every morning with teddy bears, bags, junk Jewellery. But on the wee hours of Sunday everything changed suddenly. Everyone was clueless about the cause of the massive fire. The traders who have shops inside the market praying for the quick control over the fire. The distressed shopkeepers are waiting with teary eyes.The area is covered with dark smokes. Nothing could be seen clearly. Amid the blazed things which are lying around are being picked up by some of the sellers of the market.

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Everyone is trying to save the goods as much as they can. Vikash Singh, who had a decorators shop in the Bagri market. His business used to flourish during the festive season. But the unfortunate day has brought an end to their happiness. Still he cannot believe his eyes. He has been able to pick up at least 70,000 items from the debris. He do not know how will he compensate his losses. Standing amid the charred shops and dark smoke , he only think if it could be a nightmare!