Bagri Market Fire: Oppositions To Bring Suspension Motion In Corporation Session


Kolkata: The Congress and left-wing Councillors have jointly decided to bring adjournment motion proposal in municipal session issuing Bagree market fire. The session will take place on October 4.

A proposal submitted in corporation, questioning the responsibility of corporation for giving clearance certificate to 35 markets to renew their trade license despite of not having fire license for the building.

The left-wing Councillors have visited the Bagree market area on Tuesday. They claimed resignation of Mayor Sovon Chatterjee as they found state government and corporation negligence behind such incident. Congress Councillor Prakash Upadhyay said, he must must before Mamata Banerjee sack him as he is not doing adequate work for his department.

The trade licence issue came out after the Bagree market fire incident. Kolkata municipal corporation could not take responsibility in the time of distress. Mayor can not just avoid his responsibility.

After 82 hours, fire brigade said the fire situation is completely under control. No smoke can be seen. Many fire fighters official have fallen ill during the work. After the fire started to come on Tuesday night, the fire fighter team then extinguishes all the fire pockets in the building. Several cracks are visible in the wall. An apprehension of collapse the building is there, a per fire brigade department.

Huge amount of money was taken from traders of Bagri marker in the name of fire safety. In a word, Rs 40 for per square foot and Rs 1400 for rent was taken from traders. But Bagri market owner Radha Bagre did not do anything for safety purpose. As a result, 600 hundreds traders future are now in danger.

The Bagri market traders burst into anger against the Bagre family, the owner of the Bagri Market. Market associate president Asutosh Singh said, “I have not seen anyone’s face in the last one year. They took the money from us and we also gave them. Now what results we got?”

Traders also alleged that Bagri Market toilets was also given to the lease. According to sources, not only this Bagri Market, they have also three market buildings in Bura-bazar area.