24 Hours Gone, Fire Still Not Doused

  • Bagri fire is still on after 24 hours. Many inflammable goods were stored in the buiding. and congested area has turn the fir dousing work tough.
  • At least 10 people fell ill in the fire fighting work.
  • After the preliminary report, it is being reported that the fire started from a transformer nearby the building.
  • Back to back explosion sounding from the surrounding.
  • The fire still rages on even after 17 hours.
  • Halogen lights are being put so that rescue operation doesn’t stop as the evening spread darkness.
  • State Education Minister Partha Chatterjee said, “Huge loss is faced by the traders of the Bagri market, state government had earlier warned the authority about the condition of the building but they didn’t paid any response.”
  • Kolkatans extended helping hands to the distressed traders who have gone through huge loss after the Bagri fire. Some citizens provide food and water to the traders and the police officials who are standing in-front of the market.
  • Explosions sound coming out from the building.
  • No control on fire even after 13 hours.
  • Kolkata has unable to become London, today’s Bagri market tragedy has brought another shock to the city, the President of the state Congress has said this criticizing  Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
  • Fire extinguished in some parts of the building, it will take long hours to take the fire under control of the entire building.
  • Fire officials continues to work in the confine space of the Bagri market, no casualty has been reported as of now. Few fire officials faced minor injury.
  • Locals claimed fire officials negligence in the rescue operation.
  • Bagri market was marked as dangerous and warning was given but the authority didn’t paid any heed to it.
  • Fire officials are trying to cut the doors of the closed shops with the help of the gas cutters.
  • Fire intensity has increased in the third floor of the building.
  • The Bagri market may collapse anytime, several cracks were reported in the building.
  • Several small explosions are reported inside the charred building of the Bagri market. The fire spread quickly due to the presence of inflammable substances.
  • Police commissioner Rajiv Kumar enters the building wearing mask.
  • Army reached the spot.
  • Fourth floor is reportedly affected more by this incident.
  • Dark black smokes engulfed the entire upstairs, and it is now following the downstairs where fire couldn’t reach as off now. Hence , fear sparks if this place also catches fire soon.
  • Hydraulic ladder couldn’t be used as the building is cracked.
  • Eventually firefighters tried to put a control over the fire from a nearby building.
  • No one is stuck inside, said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
  • Fire officials arranged large water pipes to get control over the inferno that engulf the city’s oldest market.
  • Fire tenders trying to control the fire. Ladders being used to reach the six-storey market. Fire officials clueless about how to get a control over the blaze.
  • There were nearly four hundred shops inside the market. As a result, the losses of several crores of rupees are said to be caused by traders.
  • Canning Street near the Burrabazar is one of the major trading hubs of the city
  • The Bagri Market was one of the city’s oldest wholesale markets. Prior to Pujo, there was a business worth millions of dollars in this market.

Update: Even after five hours the fire could not be brought under control. Firefighters were not being able to reach at the source of the fire. They were seen breaking window panes and shutters of shops to enter the building.

Kolkata: Massive fire broke out at Burrabazaar Bagri market on Saturday night. 30 fire tenders now at the spot. Bagri market is on Canning Street in Kolkata. The devastating fire in the city again.The fire has been so massive that black smoke engulfed the whole area.

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It is reported that nearly 1400 shops are inside this old market. Mayor Sovan Chatterjee visited the area early in the morning and oversaw firefighting efforts. “The fire broke out at 2.45 am. We are trying our best but firefighting operation is tough here because of the number of buildings,” he said.

The fire started at ground floor of the five storied building and spread rapidly due to huge stock of inflammable articles, local media reported. The building, 71 Canning Street, houses several medicine shops, jewellery and cosmetics trading outlets.