Bagri Market Can Collapse Any Moment


Kolkata: The Bagri Market can collapse any moment. The major fire has already
caused cracks in the entire building. The fire tenders believe that the it is very
difficult for the building to hold it structure,

The fire tending officials are trying to douse the flames in an emergency-like
situation. Water is being provided in the walls of the market to cool the walls so
that the bhawan does not collapse.

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9 hours have gone-by but the fire is yet to be under control. The intensity of the
fire at Burrabazar’s Bagri market is such that it is presently out of control.
Whenever one side is doused, the fire crops up from another side. It has been eight
hours, but still the fire is to be doused. The fire tending officials are trying
hard to douse the flames. They are trying to enter using the stairs at the first

Inflammable and chemical substances along with cylinders were present in the
market. 30 tenders have been pressed into service. It is still a challenge to douse