Bagri Fire Could Reduce Availability Of Medicines


Kolkata: The small retail medicines shops will have an adverse effect of the Bagri market fire. These small medicine shops are always short of medicines. Now it is presumed that this problem will increase.

The Bagri market of Burrabazar was built in 1950. The locals claim that the market was owned by 3 brothers but now several associates have come up. This wholesale market, which is of almost 70 years old, is a market of cosmetic products, jewellery, plastic shops and one of the biggest medicine markers in the city. The fire has gutted all of it along with the shops. It is unknown as to how many medicine shops were in the market.

But these shops were the supply-line to the maximum medicine shops in Kolkata. But now what will happen with these shops gutted in fire?

Two consecutive medicine shops of Howrah – Medical company and Ma Tara Medical store. Sourav, a staff of Medical said, “We have stock for the time-being. But stock of some medicines is less. Those will not be available now. We have no idea after how long will we get the medicines. It is unclear whether we will get those medicines at all.”

The Medical staff further added, “Many times, medicines for fever, cough and cold are not easily available. Many accuse us for it. But if it is not available in the wholesale market, then what can we do? If medicines are sold, then we will only profit. Now we will face problems.” Ma Tara medical store have claimed the same thing too.

The medicine shop at Dharmatala lane in the Shibpur area belongs to Samidh. He said, “We will face major problem. We will understand the amount of loss we will incur, from Monday.

Surjit Chatterjee has a medicine’s order supply business. He said, “Our business depends on that market only. We will face lots of problem till the market remains closed. We do not know how we will recover.”

General physician Anirban Nandi spoke of the same problem. He said, “If anyone falls sick, I will prescribe medicines. But after today’s incident, whatever medicines I prescribe, if the local store has run out of its stock then what will happen?”

The physician further added, “Now online medicines are available, but everyone does not purchase online. This will be a big problem no doubt.”

Reported By: Souptik Banerjee
Edited By: Saheli Dey