Bagan’s Secretary Anjan Mitra Cleared Pending Salaries


Kolkata: Mohun Bagan’s club secretary Anjan Mitra has cleared the pending salaries of the players and staff after Bangan’s big win over WB police. Anjan Mitra handed over the check to the captain Shilton Pal and after that all due wages are cleared to the staffs, coach and support staffs.

বাগানে মিটল বেতন সমস্যা

Earlier Anjan Mitra promised to give due salaries within seven days. But he cleared the salaries before seven days. Three-members former judges committee meeting held on on Saturday where they discussed about salary problem. The committee held meeting with senior associate Srinjay Basu and secretary Anjan Mitra in a elite club. In this meeting, the salary of the footballers will be settled properly.

They said they were facing problems due to the special committee’s decision. After the meeting, Justice Asim Kumar Roy said, “There is no directive to keep the salary of the footballers. According to the High Court rule, If there is a large amount of money transction then it should be informed to the committee.”

“The problem has been created just because the information was not reported to the committee. The Bagan secretary apologized for the wrong comment about the committee.” he added.