Bagan plays the waiting game as EB goes back to Md.Habib


Kolkata: After winning the I League as the days are passing, the relation between coach Sanjoy Sen and the Mohun Bagan officials are turning out to be sour day by day. It is heard that the MB officials are not happy with the utterance and the views that Sanjoy is holding in favour of them. Starting from the grass root development to the recruitment of foreign players, Sanjoy Sen is not acting favourably with the think-tank of Bagan. It is he who stepped aside from finalizing Georgie Welcome. According to sources, Sanjoy had  a split with the officials in the signing of EB’s Subodh Kumar. Citing such instances, MB is not at a honey-moon term with the resident of Chetla of late. As per latest club sources, the Bagan officials are still sweating on the rest of the two foreigners. Brazilian Gustavo Silva is almost confirmed by the club. Japanese Katsumi has signed in for a couple of years. Sony Norde is playing for Haiti at the moment and is likely to increase his contract with the club even though he has European and Latin AMerican fascinations along with Mumbai City FC’s  heavy offer.

According to MB, coach Sanjoy Sen will be testing 4 foreigners in the trail at Kolkata recently. The names include Nigerian defender Kenneth Ehis, striker Samuel Yeboha of Ghana, Tonny Mawejje of Uganda and another Nigerian defender (name withheld).They have also talked with Gastan Christian of Argentina and an Angolan marksmen. It is now to be seen whether Welcome is welcomed in the last lap or Bagan settles for someone out of the box.

On the other hand, East Bengal will be felicitating and honouring Mohammad Habib for Bharat Gaurav’s Award on East Bengal Day on Aug 1.