Bagan Officials Say They Are Not Favourites


Kolkata: Everyone puts their money on Mohun Bagan in the derby match tomorrow. But, Bagan officials are humble enough to admit that they are not favourite in this high-voltage match.

Mohun Bagan President Tutu Bose said, “We’re not favourite! This game is very different; no one can predict anything, and no one is favourite; it’s an equal situation for both the teams. Yes, but we’ll definitely try to win this match. Even, without sponsors we managed to build an impeccable team this season.

He further added “The team is playing well, and everyone is enjoying that. We could build such a nice team by the grace of God.” No doubt experts feel Bagan team is much superior than Red and Gold in Weight.

The match is a home match for Bagan, where for the first time the two teams will organize the derby. Bagan Secretary Anjan Mitra said that both the teams would be responsible for any negligence or nuisance during the match.