Badlapur faces the censor cut


Mumbai: ‘Badlapur’ do need a badal (change). It seems Central Board of Film certification (CBFC) has eye on every film to be released now. The Board which has instructed to remove a list of words cannot be used in any film. The CBFC has started taking steps to cut off those dual meaning terms and violent words from the films which they are taking quite seriously.

Actor Varun Dhawan’s Badlapur, which is to release on February 20, had to delete some scenes and words from the film was asked by CBFC. ‘Badlapur’ is an aggressive and violent film, which carries major abusive English words not just once, but more than it. The team had to rectify and even delete some dialogues.

The ‘F**k’ word have been replaced by the word ‘Hell’. Not just it, the other words like ‘F***ing’ has been beeped or muted from the film. ‘Badlapur’ which is based on a real life incident about a family man, set for to take revenge after being wronged. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the role of a killer and Huma Qureshi plays the role of a Brothel girl.