Bad News For Whats App Users , Others Are Reading Your Messages


New Delhi: Facebook backed WhatsApp keeps updating the chat app for better services and high security for users privacy but certain technocrats around the world find a way out to get through the security of the app.

In a latest, security researchers have found a sophisticated software that can be used to gain full control of people’s Android phones to steal information.

The software is “Skygofree” spyware implant and it has been in use since 2014 reported by researchers at Russia’s Kaspersky Lab. The research team found that Skygofree has an ability to automatically record audio when the target’s phone enters a specific location.

According to the research team, this tool is spread through web pages mimicking leading mobile network operators and can be easily used to steal WhatsApp messages. The researchers further added that Skygofree is even capable of taking pictures and videos, copying call records, SMS, geolocation, calendar events and business-related information stored in the smartphone memory.

So far all the victims of this spyware are found in Italy which hints whoever created the surveillance tool was likely Italian as well.