Back To Back Twin Burglary In 2 Temples Of New Town


Kolkata: Back to back twin cases of burglary took place on Monday night in the two temples of Shulangudi Nashkar area of New town area. The thieves have looted huge amount of cash from the donation box of the temple and also have taken away all the gold jewelleries of the temple including the golden eyes from the ‘Shiva linga’.

Locals said that on Monday night, burglary took place in the two temples of Shulangudi Nashkar area of Newtown area. Thieves broke the lock of both the gates of the Shiva and the Kali temple and looted cash from four donation boxes of the temples, they also have taken away gold eyes from Shiva linga, gold Trishul (trident) of Shiva along with brass Shiva linga and some other expensive jewelleries from the temple.

A local resident, Gopal Pramanik, said, “Every morning, I go to put off the lights of the temple. Similarly, on Tuesday morning also I went to the temple and noticed that the temple gate was open. And everything in the temple was stolen. We informed the police.The police has visited the temple and took the stock of the incident.”

Just before the Durga Puja there was another theft in a house in this area. The thieves entered the empty house and looted gold and silver jewelleries worth huge amount as well as lakhs of cash.

Recent incidents of frequent theft in the area have sparked panic among the locals in the area. They are not satisfied with the role of police. They claimed that the burglary wouldn’t have taken place if police had the regular patrolling at night. Countering the allegation police said that they do regular patrolling in this area.