Baby Racket Flourished From 2012: CID

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Kolkata: Greed for easy money through trafficking paved the way for an ownership battle at Sri Krishna Nursing Home in central Kolkata, around which the baby trafficking racket revolved, believes CID.

Sleuths say the racket flourished when Santosh Kumar Samanta, one of the prime accused, took charge in 2012, shortly after its former lessee Dilip Ghosh was relieved of duty. The nursing home was established by Bireswar Chatterjee, father of Partha Chatterjee, another prime accused. Samanta started working with him but he left in the early 80s. During the early 90s, he met Ghosh. In 1994, Chatterjee made Ghosh a lessee to run it till 2015.

It was becoming “a black avenue to earn unlawful money”, CID told the court. The sleuths believe the racket started when Ghosh was in charge. They say he was in touch with the nursing home even after he left.