Baby Peacock New Attraction In Burdwan’s Sanctuary


Burdwan: The staff of the Romana Garden sanctuary are overwhelmed and excited over
the birth of a peacock baby on Tuesday morning. Before this, a baby deer took birth
on August 15 this year.

On Tuesday morning, a peachick took birth from an egg. Before this, there were 3
peahens and one peacock. After them, the new baby will be the main attraction for
the tourists.

The forest workers first noticed on Tuesday morning. They informed the range
officer Tarunkanti Sen. Under his supervision, a veterinary doctor arrived and
examined the mother pea-hen and the pea-chick.

According to the doctor, in many cases the mother peahen does not accept the baby
which is hatched from her egg. But in this case, the mother is taking care of her
baby. Both the mother and baby are alright.

Range officer Tarun Kanti Sen said, this is the first time that a peahen gave birtg
in the Romana Garden sanctuary/ zoological park. A deer baby also took birth last
week, which are news of happiness. The peahen was incubating 8-9 eggs since past
20-25 days. From then, she was kept under observation. On Monday, one of those eggs
hatched. The rest of the eggs are also expected to hatch. But the peahen is so much
busy with her new-born that she is not incubating her other eggs.