Baby Boy Delivered On Flight


Singapore: Baby ‘Jet Star’ has been proudly named after the airlines onboard which he was born. His mother named him after the Singaporean budget airline as a tribute to the crew who helped deliver the baby.

The crew of Jetstar Asia flight 3K583 enroute to Yangon from Singapore was pressed into a rather unusual service along with three doctors on the flight on April 22 after a Myanmerese woman stared experiencing labour cramps. The plane had just landed when a healthy baby weighing six pounds and seven ounces was delivered, the Straits Times reported.

Other passengers broke into cheers at the news of the newborn. This is when the delighted mother decided to name the boy after the airlines. The airline shared news of its youngest ever passenger on Facebook this week, writing: “We’re most pleased to announce that a baby boy, named Saw Jet Star, was delivered safely onboard 3K583 by a team of doctors and the crew after the flight landed in Yangon on Friday, 22 April 2016.”

“Our crew are trained to respond to all kinds of events on our aircraft, and we’re proud of the way they assisted with the help of generous doctors onboard to ensure the safe delivery of our youngest ever passenger,” the spokesperson said.

The mom and baby were both doing well and had been discharged from hospital. The airline has also delivered 1,000 SGD (500 pounds) worth of baby supplies to the family, the report said.