Babul Supriyo Against West Bengal Renamed ‘Bango’


Kolkata: Union minister Babul Supriyo has welcomed the decision to change the state’s name from West Bengal to Bengal (in English) and from Paschimbanga to Bangla (in Bengali).

He said, “I welcome the decision. It’s about time to let go of Pashim Banga which is named in relation to its geographical position to another country,” he said.

He pointed out that terms like Bangla the State, Bangla its language and Bengal (in English) are already in circulation worldwide. Though Supriyo liked the name Bangla, he doesn’t appreciate the idea of using the name ‘Bongo’.

“I urge the government not to choose Bongo. I don’t know how to put it other than putting straight – it’s an instrument that is ‘played’ (in Bengali which is a slang). I do not want people to crack dirty jokes about it like they do with the name of a certain flyover!” he said.