Babul Supriyo Sings at TMC Party’s Function in Asansol


Asansol: BJP MP and state development minister Babul Supriyo sings at a Trinamool’s Establishment day function in Asansol on New year’s day. Forgetting the rivalry between two parties, ace singer embraced friendship and harmony by suddenly getting up on stage and singing.

According to sources, Trinamool had organized a function celebrating their establishment day at Asansol’s Corporation crossing. Babul Supriyo was passing through the crossing to his party’s meeting. All of a sudden he stopped his car and got down. And surprised everyone and got up on the trinamool stage. Asansol’s Mayor, Jitendra kumar who was present at the stage requested Babul Supriyo to sing a song once he saw him on stage. Babul gladly accepted the request and sang Kumar Sanu’s “ Amar Panjar Fool”. Once he finished singing he went back to his party meeting.

Earlier while returning from a PM’s official event at Najrul Mancha, Babul had stopped and eaten Jhalmuri with Mamata Banerjee in Victoria. This time he sang a song at trinamool’s establishment day. But he also mentioned that the fight between the parties is still on and spread the message of beautifying Asansol.

Later he tweeted, “a minister and a mayor plays a major role in the country’s administrative infrastructure. They are bound to meet and they should meet.” Mayor also sounded the same, he said that he respects the singer very much.