Babul Supriyo Faces Wrath of Villagers


Asansol: Allegations by Asansol’s Sidabari Villagers puts State Development Minister Babul Supriyo into trouble on Wednesday. Babul Supriyo was there at the village to inaugurate a building for the Fishermen.

The villagers complained that Babul Supriyo hasn’t kept his promise even after months has passed. Babul Supriyo has said in answer to their complaint, that the parliament has send money but local administration has not cooperated with us. The incident has led to massive unrest in the area.

Babul Supriyo had adopted this village a few months back. According to the Villager’s allegation, they were promised roads, drains but none were fulfilled. A surprised Babul said, even though the Parliament fund has send money, the local administration has failed to do work.