Baba Ramdev Sees ‘Indianness’ In Priyanka Gandhi

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New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who is a known supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has said that he sees a lot of ‘Indianness’ in Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

“I see Indianness in Priyanka. But Sonia is a staunch Catholic. There may be ideological differences with Sonia or she might have been misled by her advisors,” he said in an exclusive interview to ETV News Network Head Jagdish Chandra.

Ramdev said he had predicted six months before the 2014 general election that the NDA will come to power with the support of nearly 300 seats under Modi’s leadership.

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On Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, he told Mr. Chandra on ETV’s popular ‘The J C Show’ that, “Rahul Gandhi has had a lot of opportunities. I want Rahul to be a strong opposition. Then only, can the government move in the right direction in a democracy.”

Ramdev’s remark comes days after he rubbished all allegations levelled against him by the Congress party over the Uttarakhand political crisis.

Ramdev had told ANI earlier that Congress president Sonia Gandhi and party vice- president Rahul Gandhi should not blame him for their incompetence, and advised the mother-son duo to bring the present political instability in the hilly state under control.

“I have nothing to do with the political crisis which the Congress is suffering in Uttarakhand. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi should take stock of the situation in Uttarakhand and control it. I have never done anything under cover or behind anyone’s back, I have always been blatant in my speech and open about my endeavours. If I want to stand against Congress or challenge it, I will do it openly,” he said.

“Anyway I have withdrawn myself from politics. Currently, I am concentrating on promoting yoga and ayurveda. The Congress should behave sensibly, neither should they provoke me uselessly, nor, they should level false allegations against me,” he added.

The yoga guru categorically stated that he did not believe in the politics of revenge.