Baba Ramdev To Launch ‘Swadeshi’ Jeans


New Delhi: If you thought 500 different product lines and over 5000 crore in sales revenue was enough for yoga guru Baba Ramdev to call it a day, you were mistaken, because it appears like he has again thought of a new venture.

Hitting stores near you, will be Patanjali’s new product – the ‘Swadeshi’ jeans. On Sunday Baba Ramdev announced that he will be launching his own line of western clothing for both men and women to counter the success of MNCs in the Indian market.

Ramdev said, “Patanjali’s plans involve getting into the garment sector through Swadeshi jeans that the youth of the country are now demanding”

While Ramdev is confident that his new clothing line will be a success, Twitterati trolled the yoga guru. Even people in local markets seemed bemused.

“I think he should stick to making Ayurveda products”, said Prachi a student in Delhi.

Anjali, another student said, “He has always promoted indianised things, why is he trying to make denims now? It’s all about making money for him”

With his own apparel brand, Paridhan, Ramdev plans to launch factories in Bangladesh and Africa. He also has plans to market it in Nepal before taking on multinationals in Europe and US.


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