Baba did not approve Debjani’s spirituality: Partha


Kolkata: Partha De, on Wednesday, opens out before the police in connection to the Horror House case of 3 Robinon Street. Partha said that there grew a distance between father Arabindo De and his sister Debjani De over her spiritual lifestyle. Although Partha informed Arabindo about Debjani’s death much after the exact incident had occurred. it did not go down well with Arabindo. He was shocked and terrified by the news of Debjani’s death. In fact, Partha has said that Arabindo did not like the fasting and the other spiritual activities in which Debjani De had involved herself. Hence, there grew a distance and Arabindo De had secluded and resigned himself into another section of their house.

On the other hand, Partha claimed that the property issue which suggestively brought a wall between Arabindo and his brother, Arun De, did not continue for much long. The matter was taken into consideration and the property row was settled between the brothers. At the Pavlov’s Institution, a group of 4 psychologists and 5 doctors were present on Tuesday when the police in coloured uniform quizzed PArtha De, the lone survivor of 3 Robinson Street.