Most Awaited Bengali Movie ‘Kabir’ Teaser Released

Image: TOI

Kolkata: An unknown person enters the station with a bag in his hand.He asks a stranger to see his luggage as he goes to get tea for himself.Soon a massive explosion occurs that shakes the entire area of the station.atahis is how the teaser of the movie ‘Kabir’ has been portrayed. Both Rukmini Mitra and Dev looks fantastic in the teaser.

Yes, we are talking about Dev’s upcoming film ‘Kabir’ whose new teaser is released on Sunday. In this teaser Rukmini Mitra is seen opposite of Dev, but fans are eagerly waiting to watch the movie once it’s released. This movie of Dev is based on a true incident. ‘Kabir’ starring DEV & Rukmini Maitra in lead roles. Directed by Aniket Chattopadhyay .

However, it is understood that ‘Kabir’ is going to set a new milestone for Bengali films. The film is going to hit the theaters on 13th April.