Avishek Dalmia’s the Unanimous Choice For CAB


Kolkata: Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) president election will be held on the last week of the month of July. So the contest for the Chair has been already flared up. Various factions are trying to secure their position. But there is unanimous consent about late Jagmohan Dalmia’s son Avishek Dalmia. For the election, Sourav’s faction and his challenger, both parties place Avishek’s name in their own panel.

Sources said, the present treasurer of the board Biswarup Dey will contest the election. He challenges the re-election of Sourav Ganguly.

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It is known that Mr. Dey was very close to Jagmohan Dalmia. Sourav was also Dalmia’s blue-eyed boy. And the ‘most important’ point is CM Mamata Banerjee respected Jagmohan Dalmia very much. So both factions are trying to woo Avishek Dalmia.

There are total 121 votes assembling Kolkata and district level. Sourav Ganguly has set a panel projecting himself as the next president of the board and proposing Avishek Dalmia as the secretary. On other hand, Biswarup Dey has set up a panel throwing his own stake as the president, and focusing the names of Subir Ganguly and Avishek Dalmia as the secretaries. There is a rumour that whenever Jagmohan Dalmia was in deep trouble, Biswarup Dey was his faithful trouble-shooter and so gradually stepped up in a well aspired position.