Autos To Stay Off The Road During Pujas


Kolkata:  Kolkata Police on Wednesday said that autos will not be allowed from tomorrow to ply on major roads in Kolkata.  Starting from Panchami, KP Said that autos to stay off major roads during Puja festivity. The existing routes of auto-rickshaws will remain but the autos will take the lanes and by lanes instead of the thoroughfares.

Heavy Vehicles are also restricted from Wednesday in Major roads of Kolkata. Kolkata police also said that every biker must take helmets. If any persons disobeyed the rule, he or she will be punished.

Security will be hiked every metro stations and 12000 cops deployed in the road of Kolkata. There will be drones flying overhead to keep vigil on the crowd. In other hand, 27 ambulance, 46 watch tower, spped boat, 25HRFS will be for Kolkata in this pujo. The immersion will be allowed till Dosomi evening, said JCP of Kolkata Police.

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