Authenticity Of Narada Footages Unclear

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Kolkata: The lab who was conducting forensic tests on the Narada footages announced on Friday that the authenticity of the footages is still not clear.

The CFSL laboratory in Hyderabad announced on Friday that the authenticity of the footages is not clear yet. It needs to be re-tested with more details. As per the lab officials, the reason for such a statement is that the footages were first shot in an i-phone and then transferred to a laptop. Hence the the hard disk of the laptop needed to be tested to find out any malpractices committed while transferring.

The lab authorities have recommended the footages to be sent to a laboratory in Chandigarh for a detailed forensic examination.

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Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, a few days ago, had announced that the state government would probe on the narada scam issue and the investigation would be conducted under the supervision of the Kolkata CP Rajiv Kumar. In response to such an order, the anti-corruption department of the  Kolkata Police had sent an email to Matthew Samuels asking him to report immediately to lalbazaar on the narada matter. A case in ongoing in the Kolkata High Court as a PIL was filed against Narada Scam. The HC had sent the footages to the laboratory in Hyderabad for forensic examination.