August 6: From Hiroshima to Mars Landing

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New Delhi: August 06,  it is not just another day for the date is marred with a events ranging from the catastrophic atomic blast in Hiroshima to the landing of NASA’s Curiosity on the surface of Mars. Here is a few events which happened on this day.

August 06, 1945: The United States dropped atomic bomb ‘Little boy’ on Hiroshima killing around 70, 000 instantly and leading to the death of millions from burns and radiation poisoning.

August 06, 1538: The splendid city of Bogota, Colombia was founded.

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August 06, 1926: Gertrude Ederle became the first woman to swim across the English Channel.

August 06, 2012: NASA spacecraft ‘Curiosity’ landed on the surface of Mars.

August 06, 1809: The great English poet and author Lord Alfred Tennyson was born.

August 06, 1881: The inventor of penicillin, scientist and Nobel Laureate, Alexander Fleming was born.