Attendance Compulsory On Wednesday’s Bengal Bandh


Kolkata: All government offices, schools and colleges will remain open on
September 26, the day which will observe a complete 12-hour shut-down in the
state. The state government clearly said that despite of Wednesday being ‘bandh’,
all government officials will have to be present on that day.

According to the notice released by the finance department, if anyone stays absent,
then he/she might be show caused. It has been mentioned that a day’s salary will be
deducted if one stays absent on Wednesday. He/she will be show caused and that
person will have to give reasons for staying absent despite government’s
instructions to remain present.

However, if anyone is sick much before the bandh or is in hospital, then no steps
will be taken against that person if he/she can show proof. If anyone’s family
member has deceased, then he/she will not fall under the purview of these
One who is on maternity leave or has taken leave from before, will be
excluded from the penalties if proper proof can be shown.

If any government official will have to be admitted to the hospital on the day of
the bandh, then he/she will get leave if proof is provided.

But reasons such as illness on the day of bandh or not getting any transport will
not be adhered to.

Those show-caused will have to answer within two days. If one does not reply, then
the government will be compelled to take action for breaking rules.

Casual leaves cannot be taken on that day. Staying present on the first half and
being absent on the second half will not be allowed. Attendance on September 26 is