ATM Without Guards Are Den For The Fraudsters

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Howrah: The ATMs without security guards are gradually becoming den for the fraudsters and the easy access to chill for the wanderers and street dogs.The recent incidents of ATM fraud and skimming has still not waken up the bank authorities.The laxity of banks is niggling the commoners. An unknown woman created ruckus at a private bank ATM of Belur in Howrah on Sunday night. This has raised a question on the security on the bank authority.

On Sunday night,a female entered the private bank ATM kiosk that is adjacent to Lalbaba College of Belur.She messed up the ATM by removing the papers from the machine, and created ruckus inside the ATM. Soon the ATM was occupied by her and she lie down their. Failing to remove her out from the ATM the locals called the police. Later, the police came and took her along with them.

In the current month, some fraudsters tried to extort money from an ATM at Lilua.This incident triggered panic in the area. But the banks did not learn any lesson from this incident.As a result the commoners suffers due to bank’s laxity.