ATM Van Smashed Vishwakarma Idol In New Barrackpore


Barrackpore: An ATM van crashed and smashed a recently worshiped Vishwakarma idol in New Barrackpore area on Monday afternoon. The incident triggered tension in the locality. The incident took place at the Bilkanda Auto Stand in Sharat Chatterjee Road in New Barrackpore.

The auto-rickshaw drivers of Sharat Chatterjee road organised the Vishwakarma puja at the auto stand on Monday morning. On this afternoon an ATM van of a bank from Ballygunge arrived in the locality. The van hit a bamboo of the canopy where the puja was organised. As a result this smashed the idol that was inside the canopy. The incident triggered tension in the area.

Local car driver Joydev Saha said, “An ATM van of a private bank came to the area. And as it hit a bamboo of the canopy, as a result of which the canopy and the idol broke down into pieces.”

Local auto union detained the drier of the ATM van for a long time. Auto drivers claimed that, the accident could have taken massive turn as there is a temple and a fish market in the area. The agitated drivers demanded compensation for the loss and also demanded the price for new Vishwakarma idol from the driver of the ATM van. But the driver denied to pay the money and it sparked ruckus between them.