ATM Menace: New Technology To Hit In March 2020

Kolkata: New technology in ATM service will be launched in March 2020. State Consumer Safety Minister Sadhan Pandey after a meeting with Reserve Bank Of India on Monday informed “ATM-ACMS system should be launched. Co-operation from every bank is necessary to develop the technology. They have assured to extend co-operation.”

Common people are highly afraid of such incident of ATM. Many have blocked their cards or surrendered their cards. The increasing incidents of frauds is loosing the faith of its customers. West Bengal Consumer Safety department trying hard to assure safety to its stakeholders. ATM without security guards are not safe. Now it became the highlighted after many consecutive incidents.

Sadhan Pandey added, “Every ATM counter will carry the link of the concerned police station so if anything happens the information will reach the police. Apart from this, Bank manager and Duty Officer of police must carry a good relationship between them. Light arrangement is one of the major points in the discussion.

A proper cycle of surveillance is necessary to avoid such menace. Bank has to put their eyes on the entire system. As per source, 600 consumers have been victimised in the same incident. 42 people have been bankrupted. Those who have lost their money will get their money back.