ATM Fraud Row: KP Assures To Return Money


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police has assured to those who have been victims of the ATM
fraud recently, that their lost money will be returned within seven to ten days. This move comes after the Kolkata Police conducted a meeting with officials from several banks at Lalbazaar headquarters.

The Kolkata Police also took to their facebook page to inform about the meeting. Their post is as follows:

” এটিএম জালিয়াতির তদন্তে বিশেষ টিম

গত দু’তিন দিনে আমাদের Anti Bank Fraud বিভাগে এবং শহরের কয়েকটি থানায় জমা পড়েছে ATM জালিয়াতির প্রায় ৮০ টি অভিযোগ।কার্ড ক্লোন করে প্রায় কুড়ি লক্ষ টাকা হাতিয়ে নিয়েছে সাইবার-জালিয়াতরা।

এই ঘটনাকে সর্বোচ্চ গুরুত্ব দিয়ে দেখছে গোয়েন্দাবিভাগ, গঠিত হয়েছে ‘ Special Investigation Team’। দুষ্কৃতীদের চিহ্নিত করার চেষ্টা চলছে আপ্রাণ।

যাঁদের টাকা খোওয়া গিয়েছে গত দু-তিন দিনের এই জালিয়াতিতে, তাঁদের জন্য সুখবর। সংশ্লিষ্ট ব্যাঙ্কগুলির কর্তৃপক্ষের সঙ্গে আজ বৈঠক হয়েছে আমাদের। ওঁরা আশ্বাস দিয়েছেন, প্রতারিত গ্রাহকরা আগামী সাত-দশ দিনের মধ্যেই খোওয়া যাওয়া টাকা ফেরত পাবেন।”

At least 80 complaints were lodged on ATM fraud at Kolkata Police’s anti-fraud branch and several police stations in the city.

During investigation, the police came to know that these cyber criminals have taken atleast 20 lakh rupees by making clone credit cards. After they came to know about the use of skimming devices, the KP has instructed all the banks to provide security guards to all the ATM booths. They have also asked the banks to use anti-cloning devices.

The Kolkata Police have also given advice to the users. Firstly, no one should give his/her atm details to anyone who calls and asks for it. Secondly, if any user finds money getting withdrawn from his/her account by any unauthorised person, then he must make an immediate police complaint at Lalbazaar or any nearby police station. He should also inform to the bank also. Thirdly, even if anyone receives money in his/her account from any unknown source, then he/she should also inform the police.

The Kolkata Police has set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) and are looking after the matter with great attention. They have also informed that those two identified ATMs in Kolkata, where the fraud took place, the atm machines will be sent for forensic examination.