ATM Closed After Complaint Of Fake Rs 2000 Note

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Sitamarhi: State Bank of India (SBI) officials in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district scrambled to seal an ATM after a customer complained that the bank ATM dispensed a fake Rs 2000 note on Sunday.

The matter came to light after one Pankaj Kumar attempted to use the new Rs 2000 currency note to buy groceries at a market in the Dumra area. Pankaj was told by a shopkeeper that his note was a scanned copy of an original. Bank officials declined comment but Pankaj said he was told by them that ATMs cannot dispense fake notes.

Earlier too, there were reports from other parts of the country of Rs 2000 counterfeit notes being seized after the November 8 demonetisation move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.