Atalji’s Poetry Has Changed The Life Of This Famous TV Journalist


“Raat ke andhere mein Ghuspetiyon ne humare pith pe chhura bhoka hai, hum tabtak chaiyen se nahi baithenge, jabtak apni sarjameen ke har inch se hum uss ghuspetiyon ko khader denge.”

These lines are very familiar to many of us, as it was said by our Prime Minister then “Bharat Ratna” Atal Bihari Vajpayee during the Kargil war. And these are the lines which had also changed the life of a trainee journalist who had just began his career in media then, and made him popular overnight. He is a face of the national news channel now. He is Rahul Kanwal the famous anchor and journalist of an Indian nation news channel India Today. It is nearly two decades ago when he started his career with a national news channel as an intern.

In 1999, while the Kargil war was on, then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was in Patta,Kanpur for an event.At that time senior journalists were sent for the war coverage at Kargil so the channel sent intern Rahul for covering the Vajpayee’s event.

Rahul has said this in an event that the channel was supposed to sent a lensman for the Vajpayee’s event at Patta but as the lensman was not willing to travel alone so the channel sent Rahul along with the lensman to carry the tripod.

According to Rahul, ‘Atalji’ got down from the dice after the event was ended and came near the press corner where the journalists were gathered. He wanted to say something but most of the reporters were stranger so non of the journalists came forward to ask any question to Vajpayee. Suddenly, Rahul went ahead and as he placed the boom in-front of ‘Atalji’ he recited the above, mentioned lines.

Here is the video what Rahul said:

Rahul added ,”I didn’t realize the importance of this. Suddenly I saw Brajesh Mishra, then the National Security Adviser came to me and asked me the tape. At first I didn’t want to give it. Because,it could cause a loss of fifteen hundred rupees if the tap would get misplaced.Later,knowing his identity I gave him the tape.”

This incident created a buzz in the national capital.He also gave him a phone in for this event. Next day when Rahul reached Delhi at his office he received a warm welcome and appreciation for his job, then he realized.As per him this incident is the biggest event of his life that paved the way for him in the field of journalism.

Reported By: Saumik Karmakar

Edited By: Mousumi Das